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2017 World Kneeboard Titles Somo, Spain. Photos by The Blue Trip and Surf Mar Cantabrico.

Welcome to the Kneeboard Surf Australia Website.

Kneeboard Surf Australia runs a circuit of four competitions a year, which are all proudly sponsored by Atoll Travel. Let  Atoll Travel know that you are part of the KSA and they will look after you for all your surf travel needs.

PI poster

The 2018 Phillip Island Kneeboard Pro

The 2018 Phillip Island Kneeboard Pro will be held on March 17 and 18, Phillip Island, Victoria.

Entry forms are

Entries close on the 9th March, 2018.

2017 Winner Michael Novakov


The 2017 World Kneeboard Titles was held at Somo Beach, Spain, from September 30 to October 8. Somo is a beautiful spot, across the bay from Santander, and near Mundaka and San Sebastian. The surf was a consistent three to six foot for the duration of the contest. 95 competitors from 14 countries competed in the event and some fantastic surfing was on display.

The results are;

OPENS - Michael Novakov - Australia

Pro Juniors - Liam Taurins - Australia

Women's - Karelle Popke - Tahiti

Senior Men's - Ruyman Acosta - Canary Islands

Masters - Ruben Presmanes - Spain

Grand Masters - Gavin Coleman - Australia

Veterans - Paul O'Neill - Australia

Kahunas - Michael Novakov - Australia

Legends - Brad Colwell - USA

Immortals - Bob Gove - USA

Country Tag-Team - Australia

The 2017 World Kneeboard Titles. Report by Steve Artis

Somo, a great little surf town in Northern Spain, was descended upon by a horde of kneeboarding enthusiasts from fourteen nations, all with good intentions, enjoying the moment, making new friends and renewing old friendships The opening ceremony set the scene for a week of festivities, a high level of surfing, siesta's, and nightly gatherings featuring great food, beers, wine and storytelling. The language barrier was no barrier; 'Hola', 'muchas gracias', 'si', and a bit of signing was enough. The surf fluctuated under a tidal influence, with a daily window of opportunity that allowed for excellent surfing. Whilst the Opens set the bar, the top eight age divisions didn't disappoint. Every nation was represented with a good spread of World title's amongst the competing nations. Report continued

The Blue Trip has produced a book and magazine of the 2017 World Kneeboard Titles. To have a look at it and to order it click


Albert takes out title in testing conditions at Port Macquarie.


The 2017 KSA circuit comprised 3 rounds.

Round 1 Phillip Island.

Round 2 Kiama.

Round 3 Port Macquarie.

Phillip Island was held in March at Woolamai Beach, great waves and sunshine was on offer all weekend. A top class field put on a world class display of kneeboard surfing. Four of the best Kneelos in the world battled out the final, Gav Colman, Dean Bould, Karl Ward, and Albert Munoz. In a very close fought final Albert came out on top. This kept the winners of the 33 Island pro's held, to a small group of 9, Tony Jewell took out A Grade, Bob McDonald took out B Grade, Catey Karney Jeffrey took out the Womens, and Noah Bateup took out the Cadets.

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